Case Verify



What We Do

We conduct rigorous research to gather information from various data sources across India. We use advanced & effective methods to analyze and summarize all the relevant risks to take informed decisions.
Our powerful search engine scans millions of court records to identify people with high risk indicators. The results are most reliable way to help enhance safety, manage risk, and reduce costs for your community.

Business Services

(For all Enterprises / Financial Institutions)
We ensure employee hiring/funding to be a risk free process. Our criminal background checks help organisations prevent workplace violence, theft, and negligent hiring/funding liabilities.

Individual Services

(For Homes)
We ensure domestic hiring to be safe and secure. Our criminal background screening proves to be an important safety decision for you and for your loved ones.

Tenant Services

(For Owners/Brokers)
We ensure renting to be an easy and stress free process. Our criminal verification safeguard your property from non payment of rent, property damage and litigation fees.

Self Services

(For Oneself)
We ensure your career to be a smooth and rewarding journey. Our legal records verification avoids the consequences of non-disclosure or suppression of information from your prospective employer.