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What is Caseverify?

Caseverify is a leading Legal Record Information Service provider in India.
We provide a compliant & robust court record verification process to help large enterprises, small businesses, financial institutions and individuals to uncover the known/unknown cases that exist and prevent the harmful consequences.
Court record & Criminal background screening is critical at all levels, including domestic helpers, contract staff, part-time workers & full time employees as they have access to the home/office premises, assets, sensitive information & most importantly your loved ones.
Business Services
(For all Enterprises / Financial Institutions)
Facilitates to run due diligence on the candidates to uncover fraud
Individual Services
(For Homes)
Enables you to engage with trusted staff in your household
Tenant Services
(For Owners/Brokers)
Assess the credibility of your tenants before you let your property
Self Services
(For Oneself)
Empowers to avoid the adverse effects on your job profile & career

Why Court Records Verification?

uncoverfraud (1)
Uncover Frauds
An effective pre-employment check is the best way to prevent fraud. Criminal record check is a proactive solution to help identify potential fraudsters before it’s too late.
safeenvironment (1)
Safe Environment

A comprehensive criminal background checks keeps you away from potential frauds and builds a secure environment around your working place or residence.

litigation&lawsuit (1)
Prevent Litigation & Lawsuits

Conducting a criminal history search also help organizations/individuals avoid or defend potential negligent hiring lawsuits.

improve_employeequality (1)
Improve Employee Quality
Criminal background screening helps in filtering the best employees which fosters trust among current employees and builds lasting relations.
protectbrandvalue (2)
Protect Brand Value

Verification mitigate the risks of serious implications on your brand and safeguards your organization’s reputation.

protectprofitability (2)
Protect Profitability
The hiring costs associated with bad hiring are a loss for the company and hurts the overall profitability.

Why choose us?

We are committed to providing information you can trust and depend upon to make well-informed and critical decisions.
fast_secure_easy (1)
Fast, Secure, Easy

Instantaneous response with lowest turn around time.

customercentricapproach (1)
Customer Centric

Customized services depending on client’s requirements.

costeffective (1)
Cost Effective

Quality services at reasonable fees.

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